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ICO & Data protection fee

Did you receive a letter from Information Commissioner's Office about data protection compliance? There's no need to worry. Let us guide you with the basics.

-First of all, the ICO regulates data protection in the UK. The ICO offers advice and guidance, considers complaints, monitors compliance and takes enforcement action where appropriate.

-It is the law to pay the fee, which funds the ICO’s work, but it also makes good business sense because it shows that you are aware of your data protection obligations. The fee depends on the size of the business, but for most, it will be £40 or £60 per year.

-Any company using CCTV for crime prevention purposes or dashcam for work is required to pay an annual data protection fee to the ICO, regardless of other aspects of business and operations. Even if you are not using CCTV, you might still need to pay the fee.

-Individuals and organisations holding or processing personal data also need to pay a data protection fee, unless exempt. These include data of employees of the company, business contacts or clients.

- You will not need to comply if you only use the information for your own personal, family or household purposes.

If you think you do not need to pay a fee, make sure you confirm this by going through the registration self-assessment or contact us to find out more about registration and exemptions.


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